Testimonials of Richard M. Wiener

I was very pleased with the level of concern I received from yourself and your staff. I always received answers to my questions with great compassion and honesty. I always felt that everyone there really cared about myself and my injuries. Whenever I felt anxious or frustrated you always made me feel better.
Maritza M.
Your staff is very well educated in the needs of the victim of a motor vehicle accident. They are courteous and always available to answer any and all of my concerns. I was always given a time or date when my questions would be answered if they were not answered at the moment I asked. And that was always fulfilled. I would recommend your office to anyone in need of representation.
Joseph S.
Richard and staff took care of all of my concerns, and communicated with me throughout the entire process. I’m very satisfied with the quality of work and would recommend the Law Offices of Richard M. Wiener.
Jason M.
We have had such a wonderful relationship – not just lawyer/client, but friend to friend. My endless phone calls filled your voice mails so many times, but you never cared. I can remember how many times so many people hurt my feelings, made me cry, or intimidated me and you found time to make me feel better so that I wouldn’t worry. You’re more than a lawyer to your clients. You can tell you actually care. Lawyers like you are few. Thank God some divine intervention placed me with you. You always had confidence in me and represented me with pride. I always felt confident and proud to walk into a room with you by my side. With all the hours you spent on my case, you spent less time with your family. I thank you for doing that and know that you only try to provide the best for all of them. Your kindness, support, care and warmth, knowledge, sense of humor, life experiences, and great personality make you a unique lawyer.
Laura R.

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