Law Enforcement Misconduct Attorney

Law Enforcement Misconduct Attorney

Most police and public safety officers are dedicated to their mission of protecting and serving the community in accordance with the law. They have a lot of responsibility and their work is often difficult and dangerous. Their days can be stressful and that stress can sometimes lead to poor decision-making. Additionally, improper training, screening, or supervision of officers may leave them ill-equipped to deal with some situations. And some law enforcement officers, due to their psychological makeup or other factors, should never have been allowed to become cops in the first place.

While law enforcement personnel have a great deal of power and control over citizens' lives, that power is limited by our United States Constitution and other laws. When law enforcement officer crosses the line and violates protected rights, that violation may also cause physical injury, emotional turmoil, medical expenses, disability, and other losses.

The Law Offices of Richard M. Wiener, with its team of caring professionals, specializes in representing people harmed by police brutality, excessive force, improper detention and imprisonment, wrongful searches and seizures, and other types of law enforcement misconduct. If you've been the victim of a bad cop or a cop acting badly, we will guide you through the court system, fight for your rights, and help you pursue justice.

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Law Enforcement Misconduct includes any of the following:

 • Excessive use of force
 • Unnecessary physical violence
 • Improper use of TASERs
 • Handcuff injuries
 • Wrongful search and seizure
 • False arrest
 • False imprisonment
 • Unlawful shooting
 • Malicious prosecution
 • Police cover-up
 • Jail and prison assaults
 • Not obtaining necessary medical care
 • Failing to properly handle a citizen's mental health crisis
 • Violating free speech and other First Amendment rights
 • Improper hiring, training, supervision, or retention of officers
 • Failing to find, discipline, and fire "bad cops"
 • Cruel and unusual punishment

If you think you've been a victim of Law Enforcement Misconduct, contact the Law Offices of Richard M. Wiener by email at, by phone (toll free) at 877-503-5228, or simply ask us a question using our Request Form.


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