Civil Rights Attorney

Civil Rights Attorney

The Law Offices of Richard M. Wiener provides Civil Rights Attorney services to clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Colorado. We focus on cases involving violations of rights protected by the U.S. Constitution, including equality, human rights, social freedom and discrimination. We represent people who have been harmed – physically, emotionally or financially — by civil rights violations committed by another person, company, government agency or other entity.

Most people don’t want to sue. But when your civil rights are violated, you’re facing a new and uncertain future, one which may include physical pain, emotional turmoil, medical expenses, and lost ability to earn a living or enjoy life the same way again. You may also want to take action to try to prevent others from being harmed like you were. Our country’s civil justice system was created for just those times. But the legal system can be overwhelming, especially when you’re dealing with the fallout from your civil rights being deprived.

Government bodies, corporations and other powerful entities put up barriers which need to be knocked down and hoops which need to be jumped through before you can get justice for the violation of your civil rights. That’s when you need a skilled Civil Rights Attorney on your side. The Law Offices of Richard M. Wiener, with its team of caring professionals, will guide you through the system and fight for your rights when things go wrong. We handle many different types of civil rights cases, including:

Civil Rights Violations and Police Misconduct include any of the following:

 • Excessive use of force
 • Unnecessary physical violence
 • Misuse of tasers
 • Handcuff injuries
 • Wrongful search and seizure
 • False arrest
 • False imprisonment
 • False confession
 • Unlawful shooting
 • Malicious prosecution
 • Police cover-up
 • Racial profiling
 • Not obtaining necessary medical care
 • Failing to properly handle a citizen's mental health crisis
 • Violating free speech and other First Amendment rights
 • Improper hiring, training, or supervision of officers
 • Failing to find, discipline, and fire "bad cops"
 • Cruel and unusual punishment while incarcerated

If you’ve been the victim of this or any other violation of your civil rights, contact the Law Offices of Richard M. Wiener by email at, by phone (toll free) at 877-503-5228, or simply ask us a question.


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    Maritza M.
  • Your staff is very well educated in the needs of the victim of a motor vehicle accident. They are courteous and always available to answer any and all of my concerns. I was always given a time or date when my questions would be answered if they were not answered at the moment I asked. And that was always fulfilled. I would recommend your office to anyone in need of representation.
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